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We set up all the gear for you on the beach! Life vests, whistles, paddles, waterproof cell phone pouches included. All gear is sanitized between uses. ​  

Dahl Beach City Park is located inside Meldrum Bar Park in Gladstone, Oregon.  Dahl Beach is a hidden gem,  located where the Clackamas River meets the Willamette.  The water is calm and easy to navigate. There's a swimming hole just off the shore.

From this location, you can paddle south on the Willamette River to view Willamette Falls or head north and stop to relax on Cedar Island Park!

Or stay close and explore the Clackamas River under the John McLoughlin bridge.

Rent a single kayak or

stand up paddle board $20/hr or $40/day

tandem kayak $35/hour or $70/day  

IMG_7334 2.jpg

View of Willamette Falls and

Oregon City Arch Bridge


The John McLoughlin Bridge above  the Clackamas River.


Cedar Island Park, north on the Willamette

Self Guided Tour

North Fork Reservoir is located just 32 miles east of Portland in Estacada.  The miles of clear, calm water is a perfect place for a relaxing, rejuvenating paddle. 

You can paddle up toward the floating catwalks where the forest backdrop creates the opportunity to view bald eagles, deer, coyote and other wildlife. Or paddle through a tunnel under Highway 224 to explore an inlet referred to as the Culvert Swimming Area.  

There are 3 different 2 hour

options on select Sundays.

$40 single kayak/SUP

$70 tandem kayak

North Fork Reservoir.jpg

Culvert tunnel under Highway 224

Sommerfeld, Kelly. “Floating Catwalks”. Digital Image. Google Reviews, July 2019.

Floating Catwalks

Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 11.34.09

Culvert Tunnel


We set up for you, show you the basics, and get you started! Our water crafts are entry level, sit on top, stable and great for beginners. We're mobile so we can deliver to your desired location.

Reserve the whole truck of 4 singles, 4 tandems, and 2 SUPS. Up to 14 people can paddle together. Send us your contact information and we'll reach out to negotiate price, schedule date, time and location.

We provide personal flotation devices of all sizes, whistles, paddles of various lengths, water, snacks and waterproof pouches for your cell phones.

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